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We Specialize in Nurse Recruitment and Retention

 Let us handle your Nurse recruitment process, so you can focus on the core of your organization. We will send you qualified Nurse professionals; so all you have to do is Hire. 

You'll Love  Our Nurses~  

We understand the value of nurses for Health care Companies, whether in the hospital setting, Nursing Home, Assisted Living, Outpatient, or Home care and Hospice in the community. That's why we pick them well, and  send you a perfect fit for your team.  Give us a try!

We will help you grow your healthcare organization, by assisting you with our Qualified Licensed Valuable Nurses (NP's, RN's and LPN's) for your specific needs.

We will help you maintain your growth, by assisting with your specific Nurse Retention Goals.

Let us take the Pre-Hire stress away of searching for healthcare staff, tons of calls not mounting to a solid prospect, endless reading of resumes; scheduling hundreds of interviews not mounting to a potential hire.

We can take care of all of this for you.

                                        Specializing in Nurse Recruitment and Retention Is What We Do! 



Work Staff USA Fee Structure Is Fair And Simple.

We Price with Care & Our Prices are Fair.  We Utilize a Flat rate fee Model, with no hidden fees; or ongoing splits. Once the nurse commits, that is it - No further invoices to submit.

 Give Work Staff USA a Call, so We can Bring the Nurses to You. 

Call Us Today to Discuss your Retention needs,  Let's make a win, win!


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Healthcare Variety Jobs


Physical Therapist 25K Bonus/FT | Nogales, AZ

Angiography Technologist | Everett, WA

Nurse Practitioner NP | El Segundo, CA

Interventional Radiology Technologist II | Seattle, WA

Occupational Medicine Physician | West Reading, PA

Dermatologist | West Reading, PA