Real Talk, Let's get Down To It



There are still a lot of job seekers who do not know about the great benefits of working with my trusted online Staffing Agency /WorkStaff USA Staffing Agency.  Here are just a few reasons why everyone who is looking for a job should work with us for their benefit to finding a great job:

Since we have contracts with many stellar companies, we can find out about job openings long before anyone else. We have the power to deliver your resume directly into the hands of the hiring managers first, and can sell them on your skills.  Candidates who try to find jobs on their own sometimes get lost in the paperwork in the Human Resources Department of any large company.  Also, much of the time these facilities are too busy and will not even look at your resume if you did not get pre-screened by a professional agency first. This is why they are outsourcing their hiring to us  in the first place. We are your first connection to beneficial great job opportunities.

We also will give you feedback on your resume so you can get it up to the standards the facilities are looking for.  We are here to market you and get you a job at the salary you require.  Period.

You have nothing to lose by using my staffing company to represent you forward. If you did, it wouldn't make sense that all the companies, hospitals and clinics we work with around the country are using us for their hiring needs, would it? Hence why we are called WorkStaff USA Staffing.

We also do the delicate job of negotiating salary on your behalf.

Think of it like selling your house... you can either "For Sale By Owner" and spend the time and money to market your house, or you can list it and let a real estate agent who has the business structure do the marketing for you to get you top dollar. The only difference is in selling your house, you would have to pay the real estate agent. In agency staffing, the employers pay the fee.

I am very committed to getting my candidates a job they love. I have to be. It's how I take care of my family.  Allow me the opportunity to find you the perfect job so you can take the best care of your family too. "We take pride in our staffing" so let's get down to it.