The FundWise Partner Business Opportunity

Let's work together with Funding


WorkStaff USA has another offer for you, as an Independent contractor and you will be working for yourself but not by yourself. Training will be provided. These are all work from home opportunities.
 I'm letting all my readily available candidates that are seeking an opportunity for a great business venture know about the FundWise Partner Opportunity. When you're in business for yourself, it's still a job to be done. Only difference is you make your own hours and you're the boss of your day.

If  you're seeking something different and very lucrative, then working with the FundWise Partner Team is for you.

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FundWise Partners is a  reputable company. FundWise Capital has been around more than 15 years now and many of us are earning a 6-figure income along utilizing this Funding processor.  Register for a Free Webinar to find out more and connect with our team.

1099 Recruiter Opportunity

Work with me and Recruit

 This​ is ​an​ opportunity to work independently with WorkStaff USA Staffing Agency as a "Recruiter" on my vendor partner platform". I bring this opportunity to anyone whose willing to join me and become a recruiter from my referral link. It's free to join and create your account and you earn a placement fee for each position when your candidate is hired.

This platform is a referral driven platform which lets you find jobs for yourself – or for your friends and connections and earn money. It uses an automate process from start to finish on each placement.
Recruiting made simple!

Question: How much can a recruiter make per year?
Answer: There is virtually no limit to the amount of money they can make​,​ make note that the Sky's are the limit and Recruiting is a great industry and one of the nation’s top business's for individuals who work independently.
Remember this, you can work at home or anywhere you have a computer connection. Sign Up Today!

If you're interested to sign up for a free account and earn money for your recruitment efforts; then go here>  referral link    and you'll see the invitation. 

(Thomasina’s invitation allows you to join Reflik for free , Click on that orange Sign Up button)

This is a commission based opportunity that is why it's a 1099, you will be an independent contractor and you will pay your own taxes at the end of the year. You can receive tax perks as a 1099 worker so you must way your options and realize that being your own boss is better for some people but for others its not.

Trust and believe, I love being independent and being my own boss, it's the best way to work for me.

 It makes perfect sense to push the pencil. Join me and I promise you'll find it will work best for you as well.

Thomasina Hinds

Workstaff USA Staffing Agency,LLC


The Clean.Tech Business Opportunity

 WorkStaff USA Staffing Agency is now offering you an opportunity with the following reputable company called Clean.Tech and you will be making commission on every sale for the home Improvement Solar Panel Installations and other services under the Clean.Tech umbrella once you're registered.  It's Free to Register, Want to learn more...Read on.

This is an independent business opportunity, 100% unlimited Commission based. Very Lucrative~

(Some of Clean.Tech Rep's are making 6 figure incomes), A new home improvement that's a #1 coffee chat buzz- Solar Energy Panel Installation!

If you're looking to break into the profits of Solar Energy Panel Sales, I want to hear from you. 

How To Get Started:

First note, Clean.Tech is a really great company that will always be upfront and honest with you. I'm a member myself and I secured my position as I'm moving towards being a top leader in the New York Region.

I'm on a dynamic team ran by Robert Styler and believe me, he's doing a wonderful job at running and Growing Clean.Tech.  As I learn from Robert, I'll give my team the knowledge about Solar Panel Sales he gives his team, this is a win for a win.

Clean.Tech is one of the top leading Solar Energy companies in the US and with the affiliate partners like the Energy Professions and Loyal Energy we work with; you won't be stared in any wrong direction, They all know there stuff.

Look around you as Solar Energy Panel Installations are coming up in many homes and business's across the globe.

Solar Energy, HVAC Restoration refurbishing, LED Lighting are also business we secure as Energy Advisors.    Get paid on these energy efficiency solutions! 

WorkStaff USA is accepting like minded go-getters to join it's Clean.Tech team!

Join me and become apart of something bigger than you can see right now, It's your time to think out of the box and change your circumstances.   Clean.Tech is an A.I. powered platform to create a regenerative economy by empowering people with technology. 

Register for a free business account to test drive this experience:   

As you'll be working directly with me"Thomasina Hinds"  When you registration will come with Free training in place for you that includes literature along with your replicated Free registration web link with back office access to keep track of your sales progress.  You'll be so happy you joined as you can start working towards making money as soon as you get signed up.   Training is optional but highly recommended as our training is with  Robert Styler and his guest members most week days and we always hear exciting updates and receive great benefits and you have a chance to get questions answered in real live time, not a recorded meeting, we are live and poppin. 

Get ready to change your circumstances, team work makes the dream work still applies in business today.

Once you join, I will receive a notification and I will then reach out to you with all training updates and material handouts to get you updated and setup for your new business adventure in the Energy Efficiency Solar Business, Your title will be an Independent Clean.Tech Energy Consultant.

If you are a FaceBook member I will also plug you into our fantastic and informative group. Most training reminders come on Facebook to keep us all up to date.

 I will provide you with all of our other services you can make money on from our Energy Partners, you don't want to miss this, lots of money to make, customers are waiting to hear from you that want to save money on their energy consumption.

 Join Now while Clean.Tech is making millionaires.

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Start working this business instantly!

 Clean.Tech is an A.I. powered platform to create a regenerative economy by empowering people with technology.