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We Lead With Authority

 We are a leading staffing and recruiting agency that provides workforce solutions, direct placement and exciting careers with top employers in a wide range of fields. 

We Build Lasting Relationships

 Our staffing agency takes pride in building long term relationships with our employers and job seekers in order to fully under-stand their needs and goals. 

Our Success Is Your Success

 As one of the premier staffing and recruit-ing agencies in the country, we have dis-tinguished ourselves as a personable and professional firm.
Our success is directly dependent on the success of our employers and job seekers so we strive to use our industry expertise to make the perfect match in staffing, recruiting and candidate placement. 



Work Staff USA Fee Structure Is Fair And Simple.

We Price with Care & Our Prices are Fair.  We Utilize a Fair rate fee Model, with no hidden fees; or ongoing splits. Once the employee commits, that is it - One invoice then, No further invoices to submit.

Give Work Staff USA a Call, so We can Bring the candidates you need to You. 

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